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A Good Reason To Communicate Without Using A Phone Number

This of course can be avoided by using CLEAR MESSENGER…

Picture this scenario: You’re in the middle of dinner with your man, and he rushes outside for an “emergency” call. Normally you wouldn’t care, but this is the fourth time it’s happened! Suddenly you get a sick feeling in your stomach, and it’s not from the food.

By now, you’re finally convinced your man is cheating. But you need proof. Here’s your chance to get it.

“See who he’s been calling or texting behind your back. It’s as easy as typing in a phone number.”

Introducing the controversial new website that will blow the lid off his affair. It’s called Reverse Phone Lookup, and it will help you track down who your man’s been calling or texting. Like we said, cheaters hate this website.

If you think your man’s got a secret, use this tool right now.

See who he’s been calling or texting behind your back. It’s as easy as typing in a phone number and he’ll never find out.

Still not sure you’re ready for the truth? Check out these telltale signs your man’s a cheater. Chances are, he’s guilty of all of them.

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CIA Aided Program to Spy on U.S. Cellphones

Marshals Service uses airborne devices that mimic cell towers to scan data on thousands of cellphones

WASHINGTON—The Central Intelligence Agency played a crucial role in helping the Justice Department develop technology that scans data from thousands of U.S. cellphones at a time, part of a secret high-tech alliance between the spy agency and domestic law enforcement, according to people familiar with the work.


Why Privacy Is Our 2013 Word of the Year

From PRISM and the Edward Snowden scandal to the arrival of Google Glass, 2013 was the year that the desire to be seen and heard was turned on its head. Consider the following: In January, the TSA scrapped airport body scanners that produce near-naked images of travelers; In June, Edward Snowden revealed the widespread global-spying program, Project PRISM; In October, Google announced new privacy policy plans that allow the company to incorporate user data into advertisements. The discussion of privacy – what it is and what it isn’t – embodies the preeminent concerns of 2013. For this reason, privacy is’s Word of the Year.


Keep That Feedback Coming!

Clear Messenger is coding like crazy! We’ve been concentrating on the core features that make Clear Messenger so unique. Users have given us some really great feedback and we’ve been incorporating these great ideas into the latest generation. Keep those responses coming, we value your input!