Why do I need to import my contacts?

Importing your contacts will allow Clear to determine if any of your contacts are Clear users. When you are in the Compose page, if you type the name of a known Clear user, it will be indicated by a Clear logo.

How do I send my first message?

Touch the menu icon, then the pen and paper icon, which will take you to the Compose page. Put someone’s Clear user name in the upper box and hit enter. The small red “x” that appears beside their name is the mechanism for removing this name from the “to” box.

Can I send Clear messages to more than one person at a time?

Yes. Enter names one at a time. After you enter the second name, a small box containing a number, representing the number of recipients you have entered, will appear. To review the names of recipients, simply touch the number in the box and a drop down list of recipients will appear.

Sometimes when I launch Clear, why do I see a white or a black screen and it is unresponsive.

Clear’s core principle is sender-controlled messaging privacy. For Clear to fulfill that promise, you must have a Wi-Fi or data connection. Stated differently, for you to view a message, the sender must have the ability to Clear it from your device. When your connection is broken, your ability to view a message is lost.

Why are there instances when I get a message alert, but don’t see the message in my inbox?

This is related to the way our system interacts with certain devices on some operating systems. We are working to correct this. In the meantime, close and re-open Clear and the inbox should populate.

Is there an easy way for my friends to find Clear in the app stores and download it?

Yes, there is more than one way. The first option is to go to the clearmessenger.com web site from the device on which you want to download it. There is a smart button that links directly to the appropriate app store for the device being used. Press that button, then the “get” button in the app store and get Clear.

“Invalid message” displays on my screen.

We’re working on this bug. For now, close and re-open Clear.

Why is Clear very slow to my actions right now?

This is usually the result of a less-than-perfect internet connection. Since Clear never stores messages on the recipients’ device(s), it requires a constant clear connection to work perfectly. When you want the world’s best messaging security, this is necessary.

In rare cases on some devices, the best fix is to uninstall and re-install Clear. We are working to make Clear’s performance perfect. We are proud to say that our encryption and security are second to none.

Thank you for using Clear Messenger!

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